We were approached at planning stage by the eventual lessees of the shop unit who commissioned us to undertake it’s design and fitout. The deep narrow site ideally suited their need for work coupled with a small shop for the sale of jewellery, most of which is made ‘in house’.

They were keen to achieve a clean, simple design to compliment their jewellery and we worked closely with them to achieve this. The nature of their business meant that security was a major consideration and the individual small, inset showcases reflect this whilst providing as appropriate setting for the delicate and valuable objects they contain.

The deeply recessed doorway and curved shop window allow maximum display area on the street frontage and attract customers into the shop.

We set out to exploit the opportunities of the site to the full within the severe constraints imposed by surrounding structures. It is 4m wide by 17m deep on the south side of Walton Street and flanked to the west by a solid building with steeply pitched slate roofs, atypical of the street and considerably taller than the general 3-storey level.

Building on the whole site at ground level, we set back and layered up the new development to respect daylighting standards to the neighbouring buildings to the east and the privacy of those on the south. This allowed a strip of top light into the new shop and to open south facing terraces for each of the flats.

Although the form of the new building is complex, the detailing is clean cut and simple, with cream rendered blockwork walls and slate blue metal windows matching the two metal roofs. Internal detailing is equally restrained ut theuse of natural timber and tiling adds richness and variety within  a limited budget.