Royal Crescent, listed Grade II*, was built in 1840 as part of the Norland Estate.  The Garden Committee was constituted under the 1851 Kensington Improvement Act with a duty to work within the Act as custodians for the 44 houses in the Crescent and powers to set a precept, levied by the Council, to meet the cost of maintenance and enhancement.

The design of the new railings was based closely on the original design, obtained from the evidence of historical engravings and photographs.

Through the close involvement of the local authority and English Heritage with the railings scheme the surrounding streetscape was significantly improved: traffic calming measures were introduced, intrusive street furniture was removed or replaced, pavements were relaid, two original Gilbert Scott telephone boxes were installed and an interesting granite drinking fountain on Holland Park Avenue was restored.

The scheme received an Award for Environmental Improvement in the Royal Borough’s Award Scheme for 1997.